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​Plan Review and Availability

Plan Submittal Process.

  • Submit Plan Review Application, Full Set of Plans, Checklist, and Central Valley Questionnaire (if Applicable) to the email address on the plan review application.
  • Projects within a Well Source Protection Zone will be required to fill out a Salt Lake County Drinking Water Source Protection Verification of Compliance Form.
  • The District will create an invoice for Plan Review and provide it to the applicant on the Plan Review Application. If payment has been made by Noon on Monday, the project will be put on that week’s agenda.
  • The Plan Review Committee meets every Tuesday to review new projects and resubmittals.
  • Plan Review fees are subject to change if the scope of the project changes.  Plan Review fees cover 3 submittals.
  • Results of the Plan Review will typically be sent out by the end of the day Wednesday. Comments/Final Approval will be sent to the applicant on the Plan Review Application.
  • Resubmittals are required until the project has been stamped Final Approval.
  • Impact, Inspection, and Pre-Construction meeting fees will be calculated after final approval.
  • As-Built Plans required for all Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects. As-Builts are not required for single residential homes or lateral replacements.
Engineering Review FeesRate
Plan Review (Residential, Single Lot)$75.00
Plan Review (Residential, Multiple Lot)$100 + $50 per lot
Plan Review (Residential, Medium to High Density (<=20 units per acre)$100 + $25
Plan Review (Residential, Very High Density (>20 units per acre)$100 + $10
Plan Review (Commercial/Industrial/Institutional)$250.00
Plan Review (Tenant Improvement)$75.00
Plan Review (with Grease Trap)+ $250.00
Plan Review (Utility Relocate/Realignment)$100 + $10 per foot
Plan Review (Municipal/County/State Projects)$100 + $10 per foot
Availability Letter/Hydraulic Modeling$300.00
Easement Review (each)$150.00
Easement Preparation$2,500.00
Plat Review$150.00
Rates and Fees.pdf


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