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Strategic Plan

This plan formally presents GHID’s Mission, Objectives, and Key Performance Indicators. While building upon that solid foundation, the plan then outlines 10 directed Strategic Initiatives. This planning work is supported by incorporating industry best-practices found within the American Water Works Association’s: Ten Attributes of an Effectively Managed Utility.

The purpose of a strategic plan is to set overall goals and objectives for the District and develop a plan to achieve them. It involves stepping back from day-to-day operations and becoming more proactive than reactive as an organization. The Strategic Plan provides District Management with clear direction and establishes what the operational priorities should be. With a three-member board of various backgrounds, opinions, and focus, it is important to obtain a consensus on the direction of the organization. The plan is a roadmap providing direction for the efforts of everyone involved in forwarding the District’s mission. The plan identifies areas of focus so that efforts can be concentrated and timed appropriately. Quality strategic planning will save money in the long run while improving service and reliability to the community.

This Strategic Plan is designed to give employees, customers, and other stakeholders an overview of GHID’s annual operational goals. It also presents strategic directives and improvement efforts that are designed to elevate GHID’s operations in the years to come.

This 2020 Strategic Plan was ratified by the publicly elected Board of Trustees.


Strategic Plan Report

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