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Granger-Hunter Improvement District has consistently provided culinary water and sanitary sewer services to the Granger and Hunter communities (now West Valley City) for over 70 years.  What began as a small water district in 1950, with only 312 original service connections, has grown to become one of the largest improvement districts in the State of Utah.  We currently have 27,569 service connections and provide water and wastewater services to a population of approximately 132,000 residents and 7,330 businesses. 

At Granger-Hunter Improvement District, our mission is to deliver water clean and safe for daily use and to collect it responsibly to protect public health and the environment. In upholding our mission to deliver water clean and safe, we take great pride in managing and maintaining a very complex network of water infrastructure.  Some of the valuable assets managed and maintained by Granger-Hunter Improvement District include eight deep water wells, six water booster buildings, nine water storage reservoirs, 374 miles of water mains, 9,244 isolation valves, approximately 3,500 fire hydrants, 32 pressure regulators, and 130 water quality sampling stations. Water is frequently tested from the sampling stations to ensure that it meets or exceeds the State's water quality standards.

The District's vast water infrastructure, dedicated employees, and valued customers are the primary reasons we can provide roughly nine billion gallons of clean drinking water to the West Valley City community every year.  We fully understand that water is earth's most precious resource, and we look forward to doing our part in managing this resource for West Valley City’s businesses and residents for many years to come.

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