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Water Conservation

2024 Drought Update

Granger-Hunter patrons saved over three billion gallons of water in the last two years by efficient outdoor watering and other conservation measures! That is over 4,500 Olympic sized swimming pools! Even though our reservoirs are almost full, we are still recovering from multiple years of drought. Though the GHID Board of Trustees has not adopted a Drought Level with any mandatory watering restrictions or recommended actions this year, our normal conservation best practices still apply.  For more information, visit:

Remember: any water saved this year puts us in a stronger position for future droughts and helps fill up the Great Salt Lake.


Watering Guide

The State of Utah Division of Water Resources Weekly Lawn Watering Guide (below) offers customized watering recommendations for your area. The guide changes every week so check back often for updates!

A lawn watering guide for Utah (June 7-13, 2024), with county irrigation recommendations and incentives for eco-friendly landscaping.

The guide is updated weekly and more information can be found here:


The general watering guide for northern Utah is also shown below lawn watering guide


 Things You Can Do to Conserve Water

  • Water Less – It takes approximately 3,000 gallons of water each time you water the average quarter-acre yard. That can cost over $6 each time you water your grass, and possibly more if you have moved into the 4th Tier for water rates.
  • Don’t water if it’s windy – If the wind speed is above 5 mph, much of the water will blow where it’s not needed and evaporate.
  • Water at the right time – Don’t water between 10 AM and 6 PM. This reduces evaporation loss. While GHID has not adopted a drought outdoor watering schedule, you can help balance water use by watering on odd days in addresses with an odd number, and even days at addresses with an even number, while still following the weekly watering guide (number of days per week) above.
  • Prioritize your watering – water trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals before grass.
  • Raise your mower – set your blade at 3-4 inches high. This can help grass grow deeper roots and provide more shade to reduce evaporation loss.
  • Get a rebate – rebates for smart irrigation controllers and low-flow toilets are available at
  • Convert unnecessary grass areas to waterwise landscapes – visit and for localscapes information and how to receive cash rewards.


Download the Granger-Hunter Water Conservation Calendar

2024 Calendar.pdf


For more great information about water conservation, please visit the links below.

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