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Water Quality

Granger-Hunter Improvement District is committed to providing water that is clean and safe for daily use. Please select the issue you are interested in from the list below.


The Utah Division of Drinking Water requires all water systems to provide an annual water quality report. Please contact our office at (801) 968-3551 for additional information.


GHID utilizes Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District and 8 deep wells to provide water to our customers. These sources provide great overall quality throughout the year. Unfortunately, we occasionally experience water quality issues that disrupt the aesthetics of the water. Iron and Manganese are the typical culprit. We are currently working to improve our deep wells by constructing a treatment facility to aide with removal of these minerals, and we also flush hydrants on a regular basis to help remove them. It is uncommon, but if you are experiencing aesthetic issues, please contact us at the main office if you notice a difference in water quality.

Many of our issues are caused by iron and manganese from our deep wells. Please visit the Iron & Manganese section for additional information, and our Future Water Quality Improvements section for what we are doing to prevent these issues in the future.


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Curious about lead in drinking water? Check out this article from American Water Works Association.


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