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Water Shutdown Requirements

Water shutdowns may commence when all of the following items are completed:

  1. Developer/contractor has satisfied all pre-inspection requirements (see pre-inspection requirements for details).
  2. Developer/contractor has given Granger Hunter Improvement District (GHID) a minimum of 10 business days notice prior to any scheduled water shutdown.
    • If any problems arise with the scheduled water shutdown, GHID shall notify the contractor within the 10 business day time frame.
    • Proper notice and approval must be given for all water shutdowns (private and public).
    • All water shutdowns shall be scheduled on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Any deviance from these dates and times will constitute an after-hours shutdown and may require additional notification time for approvals.
  3. After Granger Hunter has approved the proposed water shutdown:
  4. Developer/contractor shall give all affected parties (i.e. residences, businesses, etc.) a minimum of 48 hours written notice prior to the scheduled shutdown.
  5. It is the developer/contractors responsibility to meet all reasonable needs required by all affected parties (i.e. residences, businesses, etc.) prior to the scheduled water shutdown.
  6. Only approved GHID personnel shall open or close all public water valves.

NOTE: It is the contractor’s sole responsibility to comply with all State of Utah, Salt Lake County, West Valley City, and GHID requirements and specifications

Water Shutdown Requirements
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