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New Meter Install

Main meters are supplied by the District. Meter technician will install 3/4" - 2". Contractor is responsible to install 3" and bigger. Before any meters are given, fees need to be paid and parcel owner/contractor must  complete our service aggreement for each lot. Contractor must cooridnate when meters will be picked up.

If the property has a grease interceptor you will need to install an irrigation back-out meter. These meters are considered private. District will not supply or maintain it. We will read this meter as a coutesy and subtract the usage from the main meter therefore sewer is not charged for outside usage. With this being said, we will install a radio MXU.  More information please refer to the When to install an irrigation back-out meter.

Jumpers are forbidden, $500 fine.


When To Install An Irrigation Back-out Meter.pdf


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