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Lien Notice Information

Termination of Service and/or Certification of Past Due Balance as a Lien Notice

If you are in default on the payment of water or sewer service fees (or both) owed by you for services rendered by the District, you will receive a past due notice on your monthly bill statement. In accordance with the provisions of Section 17B-l -902, Utah Code Annotated, if you do not pay the past due amount, in full, within 15 days from the day on which this notice was mailed to you, you are liable for the past due amount together with interest and collection costs of $20. Water service to your property may be terminated and/or the full amount of the delinquency may be certified to the Salt Lake County Treasurer and become a lien against your property. The County Treasurer may add additional interest and penalties until the account is paid in full as provided by statue.


After an account has been certified, payment must thereafter be sent to the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s office for the full certified amount.  It can no longer be paid through the District office.


How To Make a Payment on a Certified Balance with the County Treasurer

·         In person at the county office located at 2001 S. State Street Ste N1-200, Salt Lake City, Utah 

·         Mail check/Money-order (include parcel number on the memo line) to:

  •  Salt Lake County Treasurer
  • PO Box 144575
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575

Inquiries regarding liens may be made by contacting the County Treasurer at 385-468-8300.


How to Avoid a Lien for Delinquent Water Charges

·         Pay the past due amount on or before the stated due date. Payments can be made at by utilizing the payment portal, by mail to PO Box 27168 SLC, UT 84127, or by calling 801-968-3551.

·         Contact our customer service team to make payment arrangements before the stated due date by calling 801-968-3551.

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