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Impersonation Notice

There have been numerous reports of salespeople posing as Granger-Hunter or West Valley City employees trying to sell water filters due to claims of water quality issues. The Granger-Hunter Improvement District does not have any contaminated drinking sources and there is no cause for concern for the community. Please contact us with any concerns or questions you may have. The salespeople are offering a filter to fix the "contamination". DO NOT BUY THIS FILTER solely to fix false claims of contaminated water.


Granger-Hunter employees will be wearing a safety vest and driving an official company vehicle when they visit a property. You can also ask to see an employee's ID.

Feel free to call us at 801-968-3551 to verify if a person is employed with us.


Example of a door notice left by a company unaffiliated with Granger-Hunter

Image of a fake flyer for water testing
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