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Demolition Authorization

This notice is the parcel owner’s authorization to proceed with demolition of existing structures on the identified parcel subject to the following conditions:

  1. The owner and owners designated agent(s) shall comply with all Granger-Hunter Improvement District (District) specifications and requirements.
  2. All construction in the culinary water line and sanitary sewer line pipe zone shall comply with all District specifications and requirements.
  3. If culinary water services and sanitary sewer laterals are to be reused they shall abandoned at the property line in accordance with District standards. If the water and sewer laterals are not to be reused, they shall be abandoned at the main lines in accordance with District standards at the owner’s expense. Water meters will be pulled regarless of reusing or not reusing current connections.
  4. If it is determined by District inspectors that any portion of the existing culinary water service and/or sanitary sewer lateral does not meet current standards and specifications, the owner and owners designated agent(s) will be required to make improvements to the lines, bringing them into compliance, before final approval is given.
  5. Contractors shall be assessed a $75.00 inspection fee and $75 trip charge for each culinary water line, sanitary sewer line and/or fire line abandonments. All inspections and fees shall be scheduled and paid 24 hours in advance of the desired inspection appointment.
  6. Property owner agrees to adhere to all demolition and abandonment requirements as stated.

NOTE: It is the contractor’s sole responsibility to comply with all State of Utah, Salt Lake County, West Valley City, and GHID requirements and specifications.

Demolition Authorization Form.pdf
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