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Frozen Pipes:

On the coldest days, open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Running water through the pipe, even a trickle, can help prevent pipes from freezing.  When the inside water line freeze, warm the water line coming into the house using a heat source such as a blow dryer. Hold a couple of inches off the pipe to just warm it and get water flowing again. Turn a faucet on to allow the water to flow as it unfreezes.


Water Quality Taste and Odor Issues:

Granger-Hunter Improvement District (GHID) is experiencing a water quality issue pertaining to taste and odor. This time of year, we typically purchase water only from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD). Their water source has temporarily been taken offline for maintenance. This maintenance has required GHID to use a water source that we normally don’t use alone during winter months, however, with current demands, GHID must use this source to maintain water and pressure in our system. The changes in taste and odor that you may be experiencing are due specifically to a change in the makeup of naturally occurring minerals from the different water sources but are in no way harmful to your health.

We would like to assure our customers that this water source is safe and that there are no issues with the water quality that could negatively impact the health of our customers. GHID is continuously monitoring the water to ensure it is safe and meets all State and Federal requirements. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to correct these issues. If you have further questions or concerns, you can contact our Water Quality Division at the following numbers.

Ryan Perry, Water Quality Coordinator, (​801) 955-2283​ 

Brad Almond, Water Quality Operator, (801) 955-2223 

Steve Starr, Division Manager Water Maintenance, (801) 955-2262 

Dustin Martindale, Director Water Systems, (801) 955-2222


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