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Temporary Fire Hydrant Use Form

Contractor is required to obtain a permit for temporary use of a fire hydrant at the Granger Hunter Improvement District (GHID) Engineering Department Office before using any District owned fire hydrant. Contractor must pay a refundable deposit of $1,750.00 at the time of sign up. Please download and fill out the bottom section and back page of the Temporary Fire Hydrant Use Permit and sent to the email on the application. When we receive all the documentation, we will call to collect payment. Hydrant meter will delivered the next business day or on the date requested.


Temporary Fire Hydrant Use Permit.pdf


Charges will be deducted from your deposit when the Fire Hydrant meter is returned to GHID.

  • Water is calculated at the standard GHID commercial rate per 1,000 Gallons
  • $75.00 monthly inspection fee. 
  • $5.00 daily charge shall be charged for every day the permit is not closed.

Applicable deposit refunds will be mailed approximately 2 weeks after this permit is closed.

If this permit is not closed within 90 days of the Ending Date, the entire deposit will be forfeited to GHID


Please pay special attention to the following list in order to avoid any rule violations:

  • Placing the discharge end of a hose attached to a fire hydrant directly into a gutter, storm drain, ditch, sanitary sewer, water tank, storage vessel, swimming pool, etc., is strictly prohibited.
  • Connecting to any auxiliary water source is strictly prohibited.
  • Hoses attached to fire hydrant shall not discharge directly onto the ground.
  • Hoses that were or will be attached to any equipment containing chemicals shall not be connected to a fire hydrant.
  • Hoses shall be disconnected from the fire hydrant and protected against all possible contaminants and pollutants while not in use.

Violations of these rules will result in a $500 fine for the first offense, $1,000 second offense, $2,000 any additional offenses. We may also revoke your Temporary Fire Hydrant Use Permit and ban your access to future fire hydrant water use.

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