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Pre-Inspection Requirements

Work may commence when the folling items are complete and submitted.

  • GHID has been provided with the contractor’s License and Permit Bond, General Liability Insurance Certificate, Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability Certificate or State Of Utah approved waiver.
    1. $5,000 License and Permit Bond.
    2. General Liability Insurance Certificate. Original, PDF, and faxed copies are acceptable.
      1. $500,000.00 Minimum coverage for work being performed within private property.
      2. $1,000,000.00 Minimum coverage for work being performed within a public right of way.
      3. Granger-Hunter Improvement District (GHID) shall be named as the Certificate Holder and Additional Insured.
    3. Workers Compensation or a State of Utah approved waiver. Original, PDF, and faxed copies are acceptable. Alternatively, this coverage may be shown on the General Liability Insurance Certificate.
  • The project has a “GHID Final Review” stamped on the drawing with a date and signature from an approved Granger-Hunter representative.
  • All applicable connection and/or inspection fees are paid in full. GHID will charge another inspection fee if rescheduled less than 24-hour notice or contractor was unprepared for inspection. Any outstanding invoices from previous work will need to be paid before another permit is given.
  • A preconstruction meeting has taken place with the Developer, the Contractor who will be installing the utilities, and one or more Granger-Hunter Improvement District Representatives. (Note: It is the Developer/Contractors responsibility to schedule a preconstruction meeting.)

Lateral repair inspections, call our office for permit.

NOTE: It is the contractor’s sole responsibility to comply with all State of Utah, Salt Lake County, West Valley City, and GHID requirements and specifications. For GHID requirements and specifications please visit us at our office, go to our website or contact our Engineering department.

Pre-Inspection Requirements.pdfLicense and Permit Bond Sample.pdfLiability and Workers Comp Sample.pdf


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